We are in a time where the world has been so dramatically changed by COVID-19. We each feel the need to do what we can to stop the spread of this horrid disease. Wearing a fabric mask is now recommended to help reduce its transmission. We can do that!

Lara Van Veen, fashion designer, was in the midst of launching her swimwear company when COVID-19 struck. She quickly changed focus to meet the need for face masks through modamask.ca realizing that most of us can’t just sew one up for ourselves. Born in Brazil where she grew up and studied fashion design, she came to Canada just two years ago. She and her Canadian husband now make their home in Stoney Creek, Ontario. She is designing attractive, comfortable non-medical masks for daily use.

Lara knows that her masks will make wearers feel better about doing their bit to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 while we go about town shopping and working and being in public spaces. Practical, purposeful and eye-catching fashion still has its place in this world! To meet the extraordinary demand for masks the line now includes both Canadian-made and imported products.

modamask charity donation face masksWe want to help others, particularly the disadvantaged who may not have access to masks. So, modamask is giving a free mask for every 5 sold to Canadian charities serving the needy. Selling them online here at an affordable price finances the supply of the free ones.

So please stay positive and safe, and help keep others safe, while we transition through this traumatic time.